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Welcome to Interson

​At Interson, we are committed to finding new and smarter ways to deliver high quality ultrasound solutions so you can confidently deliver accurate and effective treatments.

We have used a number of ultrasound systems before we invested in Interson’s USB ultrasound system. Our staff has placed over 10,000 PICC lines using only one IV device per procedure. The USB ultrasound system has helped us continue our 100% success rate. We were pleased to find such an affordable and portable ultrasound system that meets our vascular access needs.

John Missig, RN

While practicing with the Vascular Access probe on a healthy volunteer, I serendipitously found a large thyroid mass. After a fine needle aspiration and surgery to remove it, it was proven to be malignant! The patient had no symptoms, so to have this available was certainly a blessing! He did well through surgery and is recovering well. Thank you, Interson!


I have been using the USB Ultrasound System for three months now and I love it! It is very easy to use and provides great imaging for such a small system. My obstetrical patients really appreciate the convenience and reassurance of office based ultrasound. This is an essential tool in modern obstetrics.

Robert C. Kennedy, M.D. FRCSC., Obstetrics and Gynecology

Having recently established SANA Medical NGO and commenced our first outreach activities, it quickly became apparent how invaluable Interson’s probe was to us. In addition to its affordable price, ease of portability, ease of use with a portable battery operated laptop in a set up with no electricity, the impossible suddenly became possible. Here we were, in an under-served area in North Lebanon, examining the patients in the home of one of the locals, and we were enabled to carry out ultrasound at our point of care, ascertaining fetal viability, dating pregnancies and determining fetal position, placental localization and estimating fetal weight. The reaction of the mothers, in a local home, receiving their first scans, was priceless. There was instantaneous bonding felt by all in attendance the moment they saw those little beings. And for us providers, it enabled us to provide much reassurance as to the health and well being of the pregnancy. As such, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to Interson for this invaluable probe, looking forward to future great products from them and to expanding our portable sonographic capabilities as our outreach activities expand.

Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD, FACOG, President , SANA Medical NGO

Thought you would like to hear how the mission went with our new USB probe. The system was incredible. Excellent views for all things pelvic and some renal…

Greg Dunham, M.D.

Very impressive, good image quality. I could see what I needed to see, and it costs less than half of what my other systems cost.

Bob James, M.D.